Pacific Rim With a Touch of Class

January 25th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Completed Work, Front Page

Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are living on the West Coast. So many influences from so many different cultures. It’s all around us. So much so that we often don’t even recognize it. Take this modern Walnut kitchen for example. The simplicty of shape and the use of natural materials are at the heart of the design. The kitchen is toned down and cool, but soothing and uncluttered, not empty.

“The simplicity of Pacific Rim environments seems to be based on the ethic of creating beautiful things without getting caught up in the disparaging materialism that often times surrounds creative acts.” – Leonard Koran.

The horizontal grained engineered slab walnut doors, paired with the aluminum framed glass doors maintain the light airy feel of the open plan, giving the rom a real sense of width. The horizontal placed handles also help with this elusion.

The combination of grain direction (horizontal on the doors and drawers, and vertical on the gables) create an unusual asymmetry which is a common factor in this environment.

The entire room comes together where the cabinets meets the floor and flow seemingly into one another. The focus of this stunning ¬†kitchen is it’s simplicity and uncluttered elegance, and in my opinion does a fantastic job of merging unpretentious architecture of the East with the warmth of the West.


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