Smart and Functional Kitchens

December 29th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Front Page

Let’s face it, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. It’s the first place the family congregates in the morning before heading out and it’s the place where they all convene after a long day and share their stories. Whether it’s cooking a three course meal or making an after school snack, everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen. Even when food is not involved, everyone gravitate towards it. How many times have you been at a gathering and ended up in the kitchen? No matter how small it is! It is the hub of any home. Ground zero if you will. And no matter how good it may look, it has to be functional.

The layout of any kitchen is just as important as the aesthetics of it all. In my opinion the two go hand in hand, you shouldn’t have to compromise. First things first – the flow of the kitchen. The appliance selection will play a huge roll in the overall flow of the kitchen as well as the design. The appliances will depend on the family’s needs and it’s size. Fridges should have some counter space either next to them or at least behind close in proximity. If you are not a fan of the stainless look of fridges these days (or those grubby finer prints) you can always opt for the elegant, built-in look of a panelled fridge, giving the kitchen a seamless flow and attractive alternative.¬†

Of course the cooking station is another equally important part of the work triangle. Weather it’s a slide-in or freestanding range, cook top, range top or a separate wall oven combo, the cooking station tends to be the focal point of the overall design. I suppose the hood fan has a lot to do with that as well. You see unlike a fridge that can be panelled and somewhat hidden away, the cooking area needs to free of any sorts of combustible material and therefore is always on display, like it or not. Thank ¬†goodness they make attractive looking appliances these days. The cooking surface will play a big part in the type and size of hood fan you will need. Whether or not you want to show it off, or if you’d prefer to house it in custom wood hod is entirely up to you.

Although the sink is not considered an appliance, this is the third part of your “work triangle”, and unfortunately probably the one where you spend most of your time. Because of this you’ll want your sink at the most attractive place in the kitchen. This usually means under a window or in an island where you can be part of the conversation. Wherever it may be, you’ll want ample counter space on both sides for those ever so loved dirty dishes that seem to pile up faster than they disappear. And the most important part of any sink area, for me anyway, is the ever faithful dishwasher. Usualy right beside the sink, close at hand. Dishwashers too come panel ready, and these days the options are endless. Whether it’s double drawers or conventional tall tubes, there are dishwashers out there to suite all needs and budgets. Notice how the panel on the dishwasher below hides the appliance and makes it really become part of the wired fir island.

Another nice feature to have near the sink is a recycling station where garbage can be sorted before taken out. Things like cutlery drawers, utensil dividers, spice pull-outs and knife drawers are all great ways of staying more organized and keeping things uncluttered. Once you have your appliances and sink in place the rest of the kitchen boils down to individual needs and those “must have” items that every cook dreams of. The more drawers you have the more practical the space can be but generally the more costly too. It’s all a matter of working with an experienced designer that can create a functional kitchen that meets your needs and, more importantly, your budget. Why not give Hi-Design a call today to meet with one of our expert staff for a free, no obligation consultation!


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