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Need To Know? We've Got You Covered

While working with customers, we’re constantly learning about their needs and managing inquiries that arise. As a result, we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions along with answers in order to provide additional support. If your question isn’t addressed below, get in touch with us and we’ll provide the information you need in order to make an informed decision. 

Q: Will my Hi-Design cabinets have soft-close drawers and doors?

A: Hi-Design uses Blum full-extension, under-mount, soft-close drawer slides, and soft-close hinges. Blum products are

widely considered to be the best in the industry.

Q: Will my Hi-Design cabinets have Dovetail Drawer Boxes?

A: HI-Design offers two drawer box options: 

1. Upgrade to dovetail boxes
2. Standard 5/8" plywood boxes

3. Blum Metabox

Q: Do the cabinets come with hardware?

A: Different scenarios will require different types of hardware. Therefore, we do not supply the hardware unless it is clearly stated on your design or requested from the initial consultation. Hi-Design does work with a variety of suppliers who have dozens of handles to choose from. Regardless of where the handles come from, installation of hardware is included in the quote and careful consideration goes into placement at time of installation.


Q: Do You have showroom?

A: Yes Hi-Design Has a showroom. It is by appointment only as our designers are often with other clients and therefore an appointment is necessary to better serve you.

Q: Does Hi-Design offer a design services?

A: Hi-Design offers the full cabinet design experience. We'll work with you to design exactly what you're looking for in your home cabinetry. Our sales team will allow you to see your designs in your new space before being committed to the design.

Cabinet Styles 


Shaker is the most stylistically versatile cabinet design. Thanks to its simple frame and panel structure, these cabinets blend in with either a traditional or a contemporary look. Shaker cabinets are made from a five-panel door, which comprises a four-piece frame with a flat panel in the center. These cabinets are traditionally made from high-quality wood, but it's now fairly common to see them painted in pretty much any color under the sun. For a more modern look, some homeowners will paint the upper cabinets one color, then use a different paint or wood stain for the lowers, or the Island.


Modern cabinetry is the least detailed of all the styles. Doors are usually flat panels with a full overlay and little to no molding or trim, which creates an unfussy, clean look. Naturally stained wood with very little grain, such as  oak or maple, is very common for this style of cabinetry. If painted, the most popular colors range from deep blues to black, white, and gray, but almost anything would work. Yellow or orange can easily be at home in a modern kitchen, and cabinets might also be painted in high-gloss Acrylic for an ultra-sleek effect. Nowadays the Modern Kitchen Takes many turns, There are things like: TFL (Thermal Fused Laminate) is an excellent alternative to melamine or wood It has similar characteristics visually, is scratch resistant and durable. The consistency and stability of the material keep it from warping or expanding and contracting like plywood and solid wood. This will give you a solid cabinetry for years to come without the need to refinish.


Traditional Kitchens

Cabinets in a traditional kitchen can be ornate and decorative and can involve a variety of colors. There are many patterns and textures, like raised or recessed panels, which have elaborate profiles. Raised panel cabinets might also have shadow lines which are a signature look of traditional kitchens. Traditional Glazing is also an option.

Farm house/Country Style

The classic farmhouse kitchen tends to focus on natural materials, unpretentious design, and cooking spaces that can accommodate large meals. Cabinets, chairs and large, rustic tables are often constructed from quality hardwood, with cherry, maple, oak and pine particularly common choices.


Not everyone fits into neat little boxes and so if what you envision is not listed here, don't let that put you off. That's the beauty part of "custom" and Hi-Design's approach - if you can dream it, we can build it! We've heard it all! From designing and building a piano shaped island for a music lover, to hiding TV's in islands and crazy color combinations like bright green and fire-engine red, we've got you covered. Every project is as unique as the individual or family using it. 

Door Styles 

Creating 5-piece solid wood doors is an artform. While we may be experts when it comes to designing, manufacturing, finishing and installing cabinetry, we leave to intricacy and precision work of constructing solid wood 5-piece doors up to the experts in that field. And they don't come more precise than J&S Doors.

While Hi-Design still manufactures our flat paneled MDF and wood veneer doors in house, J&S Doors supply raw 5-pice doors of the highest standard to us for finishing in house ensuring that consistency in the coloring at all times.

Hi-Design and J&S have been working together since the early stages of both businesses and have developed a close and trusting partnership over the years. Regarded as one of the leaders in their respective field, J&S deliver stunning product time after time and never compromise when it comes to quality. We are proud of this working relationship and grateful to have found a door provider as committed to providing excellence as we are.  

See more of their incredible, extensive line here

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