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Design Process


All of our work is manufactured and finish here on site at our facility in Delta BC. After an extensive design process where you will work closely with one of our experienced consultants, your designs start to come to life as they move through our facility where our team construct each piece using time honored skills and techniques. Each piece of your cabinetry pass through multiple hands of craftsmen and women dedicated to their trade and passionate about their work. Once the units are assembled, the unfinished pieces are sent upstairs to our onsite finishing department where each surface is sanded and finished by hand, taking care to ensure your cabinetry is to the Hi-Design quality and standard that our clients have come to know and expect from us over the years.


Working closely with you one of our experienced design consultants will want to know everything about your requirements. You'll be walked through every detail of the space in question ad discuss everything from how you would like to use your new space to more detailed things like whether or not you require a separate meat section or a kosher space. We will review your design styles and color ideas and make suggestions on how to make the space flow easier and create a cohesive look. If it's a kitchen you are designing, your designer will get a list of your appliances and make sure that what you have will work with the space in question. The earlier we have these discussions the more time you'll have to make any adjustments and ensure a stress free project once the messy works begins. You will be able to see your dream space in come to life with 3D renderings and make and make any adjustments. The more detailed the design process the smoother the project will be.

Whether you are working with your own design professional, an architect or with our inhouse design team,  every detail matters and nothing can be over looked during this crucial process making it even more important that you feel supported and confident with the team you're working with. We're confident that you will find our friendlily, knowledgeable design team to be just that. Call today to get started on the exciting process or turning your dream into a reality.



The emphasis on consultation and deliberation from the very beginning ensure that no surprises come up during the installation - and if they do, our experienced group of talented, hardworking installers ensure that the quality of the product is never compromised at any stage, ensuring efficient time lines and budgets are met. On the day of installation your cabinetry will be installed by highly qualified in-house installers who provide top quality installation with unequalled service throughout the entire process. Should you have any questions or concerns they will be only to happy to answer them and have been working in their respected fields for years.​ You are in good hands with the team of experts that Hi-Design has craft over the years

See Your Vision Come To Life

Whether you are renovation an existing space or building from scratch, this can both be an exciting and overwhelming time, so why not find experts who walk you through the process from beginning to end and who knows, you may even enjoy yourself along the way!

Call today to see for yourself the Hi-Design difference 

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